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Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. is an American retailer headquartered in Overland, Missouri that sells teddy bears and other stuffed animals and characters. Customers go through an interactive process in which the stuffed animal of their choice is assembled and tailored to their own preferences during their visit to the store. These preferences include being able to choose from numerous different stuffed animals, along with varying scents, sounds, and outfits. Build-A-Bear Workshop is the largest chain that operates in this style. The company's slogan was "Where Best Friends Are Made" from 1997-2013 when it was changed to "The Most Fun You'll Ever Make." As of April 2019, the company's president/CEO is Sharon Price John.

Aly shared in a review "After ordering a winnie the pooh Build a Bear off their website, paying extra to get it delivered at the end of the month, I waited. after waiting a few weeks, I get an email the day it was supposed to arrive telling me my order was cancelled and I did not receive a refund for my product ($60) even after calling and telling them the problem. It was really disappointing, I never even received a confirmation that my order was processed. All in all, really unprofessional and really disappointed."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sales tactics to target kids were gross"

Former Employee - Chief Workshop Manager says

"everything was bad they don't care about employees"

Current Employee - Sales Lead says

"Uses guise of "fun place to work" as front to treat employees poorly behind the scenes. Pay is unliveable. Recently cut pay pay and benefits to everyone below Assistant Manager status where benefits and reasonable pay were previously given. Company does not care about their employees whatsoever and will cut hours wherever they can at the employees expense and without a second thought. Expects employees to be heavily sales focused to the point of being dodgy and overwhelming to the customer. Uses parent-to-child guilt tactics to make the sale. Is constantly cheapening quality of product to embarrassing levels but charging more and more for it every year. Turnover rate is high. Zero tolerance for expression of hair color or tattoos. Wasteful company, unreasonably throws perfectly sellable product in the trash often on basis of ridiculous reasoning and makes no effort to limit their overuse of environmentally unfriendly resources like styrofoam and plastic."

Former Employee - Bear Builder says

"Got hired after interview, filled out papers, came back to fill out more papers, never heard back again"

Former Employee - Bear Builder says

"A lot of things. I got stuck with an inexperienced manager who's literally fresh out of high school. She gossiped about employees behind their backs constantly, openly, in front of customers even. And had enough nerve to set up a staff meeting to mainly talk about gossiping, when she does it more than anyone in the damn store. After her lectures at the meeting, she still continued to gossip. There was even a time when the store was packed and busy, she spent an HOUR talking to friends, ON THE SALES FLOOR. She constantly picks favorites and is judgemental. If she doesn't like you, you can tell! If she's speaking to one of her favorites, she's all bubbly and talks to them like a best friend, then she switches to you and her disposition and tonality will do a 180. It's obvious she doesn't like you. I often see her giving certain employees "dagger stares" It doesn't matter you have a strong work ethic, she judge you personally and treat you a lot differently than her faves if she doesn't like your personality or whatever triggers her. That being said, think you can move up? Even if you have management experience? Yeh right, she is likely to hire someone off the street than someone who already has BABW experience, great work ethic and management experience. She will try to force leads to step down. She just wants this place to be like her inner circle at high school/college. If you're introverted, a wall flower, or just plain quirky, she will not like you. She sucks the fun out of this job."

Former Employee - Sales Manager says

"More rules than a catholic church and they want full control of your life even if your part time. Another job leads to termination even if you only work 20 hours a week"

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"Horrible targets that make you force sales on children which feels immoral, awful awful awful pay"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"If you’re older so have a higher wage, your hours get cut first. Manager always have their favourites, they will progress over you, you will never get a look in. If you have a good idea, best keep it to yourself, management will pass it off as their own. If BAB is your secondary job, they will likely convince you to give up the other job with the promise to getting more hours...this will never happen. When the managers/sales leads want to sit in the back and have a gossip, they will leave you to trade alone, yet you will never be good enough to be promoted. They dress sales up as customer service. They don’t actually care about the customer, they just want money in the till and don’t care how they get it- ie, selling sounds and scents to children rather than asking the adult."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Pay Management Favouritism Bias No recognition for hard work Barely any space to grow GOSSIP - especially amongst the managers"

Former Employee - Casual Assistant says

"Ridiculous scripts we have to follow when interacting with “guests,” management system was very ineffective and favoritism seems to be the main drive in this company. I felt I was dehumanised and bullied while working for this company. They refused to give me hours on a weekly basis because I was “too old” to work and my availability was “not good enough” (even though I had very flexible availability). Manager was very unprofessional and rude. She literally forced me to quit so she didn’t have to bother explaining why I don’t have any shifts every week."

Master Bear Builder (Former Employee) says

"It was OK at first then management changed I worked at the build a bear at Columbia Mall original location when they got a new manager the whole place went down I only was scheduled once in a month my last paycheck there was $12 at 8:25 an hour for being there for four years they would give the women more hours this was one of my first jobs after my internship at age 16 I started there for a first job experience it’s OK but if you’re a guy this would not be a good job for you if you’re a female probably would be good and it all depends on Who runs the store. DiscountBad pay bad management"

Bear Builder (Former Employee) says

"It was not the best work environment. Management needs more training. Also was a stressful fast environment to work while trying to balance a school schedule"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"this company is the worst place to work. they offer terrible pay, virtually no discounts, management in store and higher-up is a mess. I've been there for over a year and have not received my yearly review, I've been going on two months without my pay increase, when I should have gotten it. You work your butt off for nothing in return, if a customer wants to tip you for doing a party/or giving amazing service for a party, you will loose your job if you accept it, this company is awful, DONT WORK FOR BUILD-A-BEARNothingEvrtything"

Senior Merchandise Buyer (Former Employee) says

"The minute I stepped in the doors, I knew I needed to lead. The management constantly changed their minds and were trying everything to save the business. They were trying to do anything to save the business and as a result everyone worked crazy lunchesso much work, and not enough people to complete it"

Sales Lead (Former Employee) says

"After working alongside this company for 4 years I can honestly say it is the most toxic work environment I have ever been associated with. Due to poor communication on behalf of head office representatives and district managers I have seen some incredible men and women leave the company due to not having adequate resources to complete tasks, minimal work/life balance and unrealistic expectations for minimal pay.Meeting some amazing people and getting to work with kidsNo work life balance, toxic work environments, low pay"

Bear Builder (Former Employee) says

"The job is amazing if you want amazing customer experience but until your boss turns on you. Creating a very stressful and abusive work environment even after you leave"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I only work here for a short. Of time but while working here the pay was horrible never enough hours and they pick favorites of the coworkers would not recommend working here"

Retail Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I got accepted for a summer job but during the 6 weeks i was enrolled there i only had 4 shifts there and they couldnt give me anymore hours."

Sales Lead Manager/ Key Holder (Current Employee) says

"This company seems perfect to outside viewers but it is far from that. The do not care about their employees. There are so money hungry that they harass employees. I was so stressed out and had crippling anxiety everyday before work because if I didn't get the desired results I was chewed out. They pretend to care about their employees and customers but in reality they do not. The constantly keep hiring people but cannot afford to give anyone hours. Do not work (30%)literally everything else"

Bear Builder (Former Employee) says

"Been working thee for a while and the management is not the best. There’s constantly scheduling errors, hours are constantly getting cut. I do not recommend this job, due to these two main reasons. There’s no room to advance in the company. Little to no business as well. Sales leads experience special treatment as well. So if you’re not a fan of favoritism then stay away because they make it very obvious.Discounted bearsUnless you’re a sales lead you don’t get anything decent."

Bear stuffer/cashier/greeter/party leader (Former Employee) says

"Only scheduled for 4 hour shifts and asked to leave an hour or two early because it was slow. Only one or two shifts a week and on call all the other days and expected to call in to see if they need you and they never did. But if you didn't call you'd get in trouble. All four managers would all work at the same time and chill while only one associate would stuff bears, ring out customers and greet. It was a waste of time and it never got busy unless there was a party.noneeverything"

Store Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked 2 shifts for this company but left as I was offered a better job. They never paid me what I was owed! I continously tried contacting them but nothing...I emailed so many times but no reply. I called customer services and left voice messages but yet again no reply. I think it's terrible!! I worked so I deserve to get paid. Terrible company to work for."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Totally non-flexible, was in hospital and was still made responsible for arranging shift cover!! No empathy from management whatsoever. Hourly wage was not worth the work"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"The upper management were inappropriate and unprofessional, they were also lazy and unorganized, and disrespectful to the lower management. I loved this job but the upper management such as the Area and District managers made my time at Build a Bear stressful and unbearable. The Area and District manager would constantly blame the lower level managers for everything that went wrong. I was an Assistant manager doing the job of a Chief store manager and never received any appreciation from the upper management for what I did. I was ridiculed by the upper management for standing my ground, or if anything went wrong. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work here. This company is all about making money instead of making guests happy.Discount on bearsHorrible and umprofessional Area and District managers, Not enough pay because I was doing the job of the Chief manager, Not able to have a work life balance, The company does not appreciate their lower level managers, for everything I did I was never appreciated for what I did."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"worst job ever! mangers act like they are your best friends then they talk about you when you aren't around. I love kids but its not worth the stress!"

Sales assistant/ visual merchandiser (Former Employee) says

"Build a Bear workshop offer 4 hour contracts for all associates but hold the right to give you up to 40 hours a week, including unpaid on call shifts that they demand you turn up to with short notice. The pay is minimum wage and uniform is provided out of the pitiful wages."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was disappointed in the lack of personal and professional development BABW provided during my tenure.Meeting and building relationships with customerssalary"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"warn and pleasant enviornment to work in. Very detailed orienteddiscountshours"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"How do I start? The management is POOR. Too many people and no hours AND they are hiring more people. The managers show favoritism with no shame at all which puts you in a place where you're basically "competing" to stay there. Unless you are one of their favorites, you will not get enough hours. Some co-workers are starting to notice that and they're not very happy. This place is good if you have people that can take care of you. If not, you HAVE to have another job or you will starve.I don't like that they are constantly pushing you to sell the sounds, scents, heartbeats, gift cards. They don't get that some people are not willing to pay the over priced stuff of the store.Some customers are HANDFUL and snotty. Others are the nicest people you'll ever meet. I don't like that you have to say no to tips offered by customers.not really.... maybe meet some good people.not enough hours, poor pay, short breaks."

Anfitriona (Former Employee) says

"Mis dias de trabajo solian ser super divertidos y pasaba muy rapido el tiempo, aprendi muchas cosas en ese trbajo como identificar a los ompradores, a la gerenia le falta un poco de etica y direccion, los colegas eran buenos pero no querian trabajar. Todo del trabajo me gusto, mas cuando hacia las fiestas ver esa sonrisas sinceras"

Audrey says

"Never received my order when though it was supposed to be shipped 2+ weeks ago. It got shipped Dec 15-18 and here we are, on January 4 with no news from them. Never answered my emails. Do not recommend, coming from a Canadian."

Gregg Kramer says

"Went into the Lynnwood/Alderwood Mall store and was accosted about making sure my mask was covering my nose. An older woman repeatedly harassed me. After the 3rd time I asked her to stop bothering me rhst a wearing a mask isn't a law. She responded by telling me it was her law. She has no idea she is setting her company and herself up for a lawsuit. I am so tempted. I will never step foot back there. I do see the other negative reviews, which seem to be in majority."

Keyla Cartagena says

"I ordered a bear as a gift back on October 29 messed up my adress said yes we will re shipped received it December 12 mind u birthday was back in November horrible customer service never know anything finally after me fighting endlessly recived it in an unmarked box thrown all in there not dressed not in gift box i requested certificate printed letters all over extremely disappointed and will never buy online ever again"

Virginia says

"It took a very long time to receive my order and even longer to get a response about the issues with the order. When I got the order I didn't get the box to put in the stuffed animal in and the birth certificate writing was printed upside down on paper! I asked for a box to be sent because It was a gift and after weeks they gave me a refund instead. Also ordered a gift card that was supposed to be emailed to me and I never got the email."

Jeff Hamm says

"Ordered a couple items well in advance of Christmas, back in November. All was well, got my confirmation, couple days later got a shipping confirmation with estimated delivery date. Those dates came and went and I gave it another week and finally called. Completely lost the order, no idea as to its location. Stuff happens, but now 3 of 4 items are out of stock. Very disappointing and upon looking at other reviews seems to be par for the course. Yes they are refunding me but they just aren't reliable from a delivery standpoint."

Karen Burton says

"Ordered for a 6 year olds Birthday. Still not arrived. No answer to Emails. Would never use again"

Lisa Evans says

"Terrible service do not order from these people I’ve place an order for £89 for two teddies outfits and sounds on the 16th November received a shipment notice on the 28th I’ve still not received this parcel it is the 11th of December I’ve emailed numerous times just get standard reply email I’ve phoned but can’t get through when I log on it shows no order I’m extremely disappointed appalling customer service I have a Royal Mail tracking number which just says despatched and will be with me soon you are not a very good company snd I’m very disappointed wish I’d never placed an order at all I certainly will not ever again and I won’t recommend you to friends or family"

Owen Rowden says

"Ordered a bear over a month ago, emailed and emailed just kept getting told it was shipped. Only left the factory 3 weeks after emailing."

Roel v.d.E says

"Very dissapointed in the Build a Bear service. I ordered my packing in the beginning of october. First of all, I was given the wrong tracking number, which was not fixed after 5 emails, 1 phone call and 2 social media messages on Facebook and Instagram. I have no idea where my package went or if it even entered the country (the Netherlands). After raising the issue with Paypal, I finally got an email from Build-a-Bear, 5 weeks after my first email, with a new tracking code, which stated that the order had been delivered to the Netherlands a week ago. It has not been delivered to my adress, my neighbours or any postal office in a 20 kilometer range, since I would be notified otherwise, So I still have no clue where my package is and Build-a-Bear will not respond to my questions. I am waiting for Paypal to solve the issue and I hope to get my money back. Avoid this website at all costs, especially if you are ordering from overseas."

Anonymous Reviewer says

"I ordered a bear on October 8th. On the 23rd, I got an email saying it had shipped, and would come in 3-5 business days. It is now November 8 and I have yet to receive a tracking number or my package. This was a present and did not arrive on time. I have emailed multiple times, with NO response, and when I called, the lady was rude and said she could not help me track my package because I am in Canada and told me to just wait for it. I am disappointed in the lack of customer service, especially from such a large company."

Barb DIederich says

"Horrible experience. Ordered over $150. 2 bears and several outfits. I have been fully changed but I have one item still missing. Messaged and no response. Messaged again. Still nothing. They sure do know how to break a child’s heart."

Gemma says

"Ordered online for one of my sons birthday presents over 3 weeks ago. Shipping supposed to be 3 working days so plenty of time before his birthday. It never showed, I had to chase up order by email which then took 4 days for a reply to be told the item was out of stock. Majorly disappointed I had to chase this to be told this they should of sent an email. Then asked for refund which then had to wait another 4 days for reply. Shocking customer service and communication."

AJ says

"I ordered a gift which totaled to $91.50 for my girlfriend for our anniversary. It arrived in a warped weak looking box. The gift box itself was squished to hell, it wasn't personalized like I requested, wasn't dressed like I requested, and it was just thrown in the gift box with the clothes on the floor of the box. Nice to know they do not handle expensive orders well. I messaged their contact page just now but seeing how everyone has a bad experience with their customer service, I don't expect much of a response."

Madison M. says

"I placed an order and decided I did not want the order anymore so I called guest services and I was on the phone for over an hour and 20 minutes and when of the guest service representative finally answered the phone they said “ I can’t cancel your order because it has been over an hour”. I have never been more frustrated and dissatisfied in my life."

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